Social Media Policy

1. Information about the controller of data stored in SIRO & XAVI, SL’s official social media pages

In accordance with the duty to inform laid down by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April (GDPR) and Spain’s Organic Data Protection Act 3/2018, of 5 December (LOPDGDD), SIRO & XAVI, S.L. (the Controller) informs users of this social media network of its policy regarding the processing and protection of the personal data of persons who voluntarily access and use the CONTROLLER’s official page on it. By accessing and using the CONTROLLER’s official page, you expressly accept this privacy policy and consent to the processing of your personal data as stated in the privacy policy.

2. Data relating to minors or persons lacking legal capacity

Accessing and registering on this social network is prohibited for anyone under fourteen (14) years of age, and so accessing and using the CONTROLLER’s official page on it is also forbidden for anyone aged under fourteen (14). If the user lacks legal capacity, the CONTROLLER warns that agreed assistance by the user’s parent or guardian or legal representative will be necessary for the user to be able to access and use the CONTROLLER’s official page. The CONTROLLER will be expressly released from any liability that might derive from the use of this official page by minors and persons lacking legal capacity, with this liability falling on the user’s legal representatives in each case.

3. Name of the company that is the controller of the file

The CONTROLLER, with its registered office at Pol. Ind. Can Baltasar, C/ Alimentació, Nave C - 08389 Palafolls (Barcelona) SPAIN, is the controller of the files and processing through which your personal data is collected and stored as a result of registering with and using the CONTROLLER’s official page on this social media network, without prejudice to any processing for which the organisation that owns the social media network on which our official page is hosted is liable.

4. Purposes for which the personal data, information and consent are used

The personal data you voluntarily provide to the CONTROLLER through the official page will form part of the data processing for which the CONTROLLER is responsible. This processing is for the purpose of the CONTROLLER providing information by email, fax, SMS, MMS, social networks or by any other present or future electronic or physical medium that makes it possible to carry out commercial communications, send newsletters to users who subscribe to them, exchange information with the CONTROLLER and other users and establish communication with third parties.

From the moment you use this official page, you give free, clear, specific, informed and express consent to the CONTROLLER to process your personal data for the correct provision of the services in accordance with what is laid down in this policy.

You are free to use the CONTROLLER’s official page on this social media network. If you do not agree to the processing of your data for these purposes, you should not use this official page or provide your personal data.

Through this official page belonging to the CONTROLLER, you can share text, photos, video and other types of information and/or content, which will be subject to this policy and to the Rules and Conditions of the Platform. You will be responsible for ensuring that all content you publish is in accordance with the applicable legislation, this policy and the regulations of the platform.

You may only publish on this official page of the CONTROLLERpersonal data, photographs and information or other content you own or for which you have authorisation from third parties.

The CONTROLLER may remove from this official page any content you publish where you infringe or breach the applicable legislation, the rules laid down in this policy and the Rules of the Platform unilaterally and without advance notice or your authorisation.

5. Identification of recipients to which the CONTROLLER envisages transferring or disclosing data

All information and content you publish on the CONTROLLER’s official page on the social media network can be seen by other users of the official page and the social media network platform. Consequently, all information and content you publish on the CONTROLLER’s official page on this social media network will be shared with other users owing to the nature of the service.

The CONTROLLER only envisages transferring or disclosing data in cases where, in accordance with the existing regulations, it must transfer or disclose the data with judges, tribunals, public administrations and the competent administrative authorities.

6. Other third-party service providers

The CONTROLLER is only responsible for and guarantees the confidentiality, security and processing of data in accordance with this policy for personal data it collects from users through this official page on this social media network. It is not in any way responsible for the processing and subsequent use of the personal data by the owner of the social media network, by third-party information society service providers that might access the data in the course of providing their services or performing their activities, by third parties that establish hyperlinks to the social media network, or by controllers to which users who visit this official page are sent by the CONTROLLER using hyperlinks.

7. Quality of the data

The CONTROLLER notifies users that except through a legally established power of attorney, no user may use the identity of another person and share his or her personal data, and so you must at all times take into account that you may only provide personal data that corresponds to your own identity and is adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. In any event, you must respect the privacy of third parties, whether or not the third parties are users of the social media network or of the CONTROLLER’s official page on it.

8. Your rights as a data subject:

• The right to withdraw consent at any moment.
• The right of access, rectification, portability and erasure of your data and to restrict or object to its use.
• The right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority ( if you believe that the processing is not in line with the regulations in force.

9. Other relevant information

The CONTROLLER may at any moment modify and/or replace this policy. Any amended or new policy, as the case may be, will replace, supplement and/or modify the one currently published here. Consequently, you should periodically consult the policy to stay up to date.

You can contact the CONTROLLER using the internal messaging service of the social media network or using the following address and contact details:

Pol. Ind. Can Baltasar, C/ Alimentació, Nave C - 08389 Palafolls (Barcelona) SPAIN

In addition, you may consult the rules and policies for use published by the social media network’s owner.