The history of NASSARI

A history linked to the sea.
After five generations dedicated to fish,in 1977 Nassari Isidro Codina created the brand and started in the art of preparing salted anchovies and anchovies in vinegar.
Twenty years later, in 1997, the company was founded Siro & Xavi SL dedicated to the development and marketing of products Nassari.

Currently our products are recognized internationally: USA, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines...
local sales
Five generations dedicated to the world of fish.
The story of our family begins with our grandparents, great grandparents from our father.
The grandfather was a fisherman by trade, andsold the fresh fish caught by the families of the from the town, Mongat.
provincial sale
The grandfather was also a fisherman, and eventually bought an old car that he used to go around the villages to sell the fish fished. He came to Barcelona to supply fish markets.
With time and the need for more fish, also bought fish from the markets of Tarragona.
national sale
Our grandfather, heir to the family tradition, extended the area of production of raw materials throughout the Catalan coast and distributing fresh fish throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
With the help of new technology, our father,managed to get fish from the Iberian Peninsula and distribute it to the main national markets.
global sale
Taking advantage of the abundance of anchovies (anchovy) in 1977 Nassari the trademark is registered, specializing in the production of anchovies in vinegar and anchovy of high quality.
The company currently Nassari, is dedicated to handmade products, offering high quality cuisine. Now distributes its products worldwide.
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